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Zirconium Veneers in Turkey

In Turkey, Zirconium Veneers are very popular because of their durability and the beautiful results they produce.  They form part of our smile makeover procedure and the results are dazzling, with a lovely new white smile. The Zirconium crown has been a big favourite with patients who need to deal with gaps or crowding in their teeth. We use the highest quality materials, always.

The cost of having the Zirconium Veneers fitted in Turkey is around £235 per tooth and to have the full Hollywood smile of 15 veneers will be around 3700 pounds, to include a five-star hotels day old medications and transport to and from the airport hotel and clinic.  our prices compare very well to those in Europe the USA and the UK.  please have a look at the all-inclusive deals that we offer.  Keep an eye out for our offers of the month for zirconium veneers to be fitted in Turkey.  Find us on WhatsApp or book your free virtual consultation online.

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What is different about a Zirconium Veneer?

This type of veneer has been the most popular one requested in Turkey in recent times mainly because of its ability to alter the shape and size as well as the colour of teeth for a great aesthetic appearance.  The Zirconium Veneer is made-up of porcelain and offers a very high strength. It can also be manufactured in a variety of different shapes and shades meaning that it is a very versatile treatment with options to suit most people.

What advantage does a zirconium veneer have over other veneers? 

One of the big advantages of Zirconium Veneers is that the material looks very similar to a natural tooth and also transmits light so that the results look entirely natural.  They are also a long lasting and durable solution, because with proper care they can last for years.

Other advantages of this type of veneer are that there will be no change in taste or in odour within the mouth. Prices for these types of veneers in Turkey are also very favourable when compared to the UK and the rest of Europe. These veneers look and feel completely natural.

What is the process for Zirconium Veneer fitting

As happens with other veneers, first of all the tooth will be shaved a little, taking great care not to do any damage to the gum.  Next the tooth will be measured and a plaster model will be made for each patient.  The veneers will be manufactured according to the model.  Next the veneer will be fitted to the tooth and any necessary adjustments will be made.  The whole process can take from between three to seven days.  This is cutting edge treatment using state of the art technology.

What is the comparison between the cost of Zirconium Veneers in the UK and in Turkey?

Both the UK and Turkey have reputable dental clinics offering the very same high quality service. The difference is that the overall cost of maintaining and running a dental practise in Turkey is much lower than it is in the UK. This means that these savings can be passed on to patients. In Turkey, the full Hollywood smile makeover will cost you somewhere in the region of 2850 pounds in comparison to prices in the UK which will be around £13500 and £2400.

When you have veneers done in the UK it will generally take around 5 working days for the treatment to be completed.  When you have the same procedure done in Turkey we ask you attend to attend for three clinic appointments. Generally our patients choose to take a week's holiday so that they can see something of the city or the country while they are here. Your appointment will start with an examination and x-rays and a quote will be given to you after you have had a thorough examination and assessment.

Zirconium Veneers are also an excellent choice because they can correct shape and size as well as colour. Zirconium is 100% bio compatible so will never leach any chemical residue into your system.  They are also extremely durable and strong and very difficult to break. They could last up to 30 years affordable.

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Absolutely it's an excellent idea because veneers can address many dental issues. Whether you have protruding teeth or teeth with gaps or teeth that are discoloured, veneers can help.

They are less expensive and there are reasons for that. Lower labour costs and less expensive raw materials are part of the reason for this. The economy of Turkey also plays a part because exchange rates from the UK and the USA will be very favourable and make treatment in Turkey very affordable.

There are several stages to fitting a veneers in Turkey, but we generally say that they will need 3 visits to the clinic. Most of our clients take advantage of being in such a fascinating city and combine a holiday with their visits to the clinic.

Zirconium veneers are a very versatile treatment and can be an excellent choice for anyone at any age although treatment with veneers is not recommended for anyone under around 18 years of age because until someone is over 18 their teeth have not finished fully forming, and more changes to the jaw may also be experienced. Other than that, anybody with any issue with their teeth can benefit from

Once you've had your Zirconium Veneers fitted, you can brush your teeth twice a day just as you normally would do. If there is anything different your dentist will give you specific instructions which it is advised that you follow carefully.