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About us VCT

Veneers Clinic Turkey is a leading dental clinic in Turkey. We are proud to offer health and dental tourism to international patients from around the world. We use dental veneers for correcting stained, discoloured, worn-out, chipped, cracked and gapped teeth. Even, veneers can correct the shape and size of the teeth.

We use CAD-CAM or computer-aided design equipment and CEREC technology to offer high-quality veneers in Turkey. We use only durable and high-quality veneer materials from internationally-recognised brands.

Our veneer cost is more affordable than in other countries, making veneers cheaper for you. We also offer a free initial consultation and create a treatment plan at no extra cost. We offer no hidden prices, and you will always pay the exact amount in the initial treatment cost.

If you want white and bright teeth or to remove gaps between your teeth and achieve an attractive smile, our exceptional dental veneers treatment will give you your desired result.  

We use the latest technology and equipment, combined with services from an experienced dentist, to give you your desired smile.

Our smile transformation treatment with veneers isn’t time-consuming, and the result is exceptional. Our veneers are resistant to staining and wear and tear and will last long with proper dental care.  

Our laminate veneer options

We have five high-quality and durable dental veneers. They include:

  • Dental lumineers
  • Empress laminate dental veneers
  • E-max laminate dental veneers
  • CEREC laminate dental veneers
  • Vita Suprinity laminate dental veneers

What is a dental veneer?

Dental veneers offer a cosmetic fix for dental issues that make your teeth appear less attractive. They are thin sheets specially made to attach to the front teeth surface to enhance the teeth appearance. Dental veneers are custom-made to give you a natural look. 

Although dental veneers are made from ultra-fine materials, they are durable and are available in different materials.

Dental veneers can cover stained, broken, or chipped teeth. At Veneers Clinic Turkey, we will use the CEREC technology to create your smile design with CAD-CAM. Our veneer team in the laboratory will carefully create the veneer to fit your tooth.

Before your veneer fitting, our dentist will remove 0.3 – 0.7mm from your tooth surface, carefully shape the porcelain veneer, and cement it on your teeth.

We can make your smile pure white or your preferred shape using our veneer colour chart.

CEREC dental veneers

To get an aesthetically pleasing and healthy smile within a short time, our lab technicians will make the CEREC or Chairside Economical Restorations of Aesthetic Ceramic within one hour to three days. This depends on how many veneers you need.

This option saves time for patients who want to improve their smile quickly. The CEREC veneer system gives natural results, and because they are custom-made, they have a strong structure and last long.

Our dentist will use the new teeth design using the CAD-CAM computer. This technology uses your mouth measurement gotten from an intraoral camera. Our dental specialist will transfer your teeth impression to our computer with specially designed software. Our veneer design will factor in your desired teeth colour and shape.

CEREC veneers can reshape the teeth and are durable, giving you an attractive and long-lasting smile.

E-max dental veneers

The E-max veneer system uses a translucent material but also protects the natural teeth, giving a result close to the natural enamel. This veneer option gives patients transparent, glossy and flawless teeth.

The E-max system is the most common for patients travelling from other countries and is made by our experienced technicians using high-standard materials. Our team can make the E-max veneers within three days.

You may choose a white colour or your preferred tone from our veneer colour chart. These veneers are perfect for people with one or several discoloured or damaged teeth. This veneer blends seamlessly with your natural teeth.

International patients who want to enjoy a nice holiday can get E-max veneers.

Empress e.max or Empress laminate veneers

These veneers are created from layered and compressed ceramic that mimics the translucency of the enamel to give a natural result. The E.max press has a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic, and the Empress 2 consists of a distilled core coated using a compressed sintered glass-ceramic.

E.max Press has a thinner coating, but Empress 2 undergoes more compression during manufacturing.

You can get the guide of our experienced cosmetic dentist to determine the most suitable veneer. Our experienced in-house lab technician will create the preferred veneer at the same price with a high standard.

Vita Suprinity 

This veneer is the newest veneer made from glass-ceramic materials and zirconium. The light transmittance is a bit higher than other veneer materials, making veneers from zirconium look like natural teeth.

The veneer has a higher resistance to breakage. Resulting from the material’s homogenous and fine structure. We provide our patients with high-standard Vita Suprinity laminate dental veneers. Our lab technicians can create your Vita Suprinity laminate dental veneers within four days using the CAD-CAM computer design.

With Vita Suprinity laminate dental veneers, you will have an enhanced natural smile during your holiday in Turkey.

Dental lumineers or leaf porcelain

Dental lumineers are ultra-fine, and our dentist can place this porcelain veneer on your teeth without etching your enamel. This lumineer is thin and virtually transparent. Dental lumineers are perfect for people who want to enhance their teeth colour, close gaps or enlarge their teeth, but they are unsuitable for damaged or chipped teeth.

Our dentist will carry out a physical exam to determine if dental lumineers are the right choice for you. Our cosmetic dentist will attach the lumineer to your existing tooth with a special dental glue, and the lumineer will remain in place for years.

We will use our state-of-the-art digital design technology to offer you a painless and comfortable treatment.

Why choose lumineers or dental veneers?

You can choose dental veneers or lumineers if:

  • You want a perfect smile
  • You want to create a beautiful and aesthetic appearance
  • You want to close gaps between your teeth
  • You have discoloured or stained teeth
  • You have worn down or broken teeth

Dental veneers vs crowns

Dental crowns use more material than veneers. Unlike veneers that cover only the front tooth surface, dental crowns cover the entire tooth. Both crowns and veneers are dental restorations but have different structures and restoration capabilities.

Cost of veneers in Turkey

Turkey clinics offer competitive prices for dental veneers. However, Veneers Clinic Turkey offers high-quality dental veneers at an affordable price. Compared to dental clinics in other countries, our clinic offers lower dental dental veneer costs.

Our dental treatments

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental bridge
  • Dental veneers
  • All-on-4 dental implants
  • Smile makeover or smile design
  • Full mouth dental implants
  • Dental implants

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