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No-Prep Veneers
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No-Prep Veneers

Have you ever heard of a non-prep veneer? No? Well this method of applying veneers means that they can be attached to your teeth without the customary preparation. This great method of achieving a stunning new smile with veneers comes from CEREC-Technology. These types of veneers are much finer than traditional veneers with a width of just 0.3 mm.

When veneers are being chosen to address a problem of aesthetics, then they are a really great and innovative solution. With this type of veneer adhesion you can achieve a longer incisor as well as closing spaces between teeth and of course enhancing tooth colour. This cutting-edge method of veneer means that the the enamel on the tooth will not be affected and the veneers will last for many years. If the patient wishes, veneers can be removed with the original teeth underneath unaffected by the procedure. It should be borne in mind but this type of veneer cannot be used with every patient because it relies on the individual tooth to be treated.

What is meant by a no prep veneer?

In general, if you go to have veneers fitted to your teeth, the dentist fitting them will have to spend some time before the fitting preparing each tooth to have the veneer affixed to it. They do this by shaving off some of the outer surface of each tooth to make sure the surface that the veneer can be stuck on to, after that the veneer will be added and will bond to the surface of the tooth.

With the no prep veneer, this step is missed out, and nothing is taken away from your original tooth before the no prep veneer is fitted. This has the advantage that if ever the patient wants to remove the veneer the tooth is intact, underneath.

What would be the benefit of a no-prep veneer?

There are several advantages to having this type of veneer:

  • There is less preparation time. When regular veneers are being fitted, a dentist may need to remove as much as half a millimetre from the surface of your tooth enamel to accommodate the veneer. With the no prep veneer, this is not necessary.
  • Very often, after dental impressions have been made, your dentist may be able to create and fit dental veneers for you within the day.
  • Improved Results: The no prep veneer will be able to address the problem of teeth that are stained, will also help to hide chips and cracks in the tooth and cover gaps between the teeth.
  • No Anesthetic necessary: Local anaesthetic is not required for this procedure because nothing is being removed from your teeth. This is perhaps the perfect solution for anyone who's anxious or sensitive to having an anaesthetic.

Types of no prep veneers:

There are several choices in the selection of the no prep veneer. Ask your dentist too to explain to you the different types of veneer and suggest which one would be most suitable for your particular needs.


This type of veneer offers enhanced durability and quality when compared to laminate veneers which are more of a standard quality, from Turkey. The veneers are made from a type of porcelain that is a higher strength version. The E-max veneer will be made to address the precise requirements of the patient and will give a very natural look when compared to a standard laminate.

Additionally, the E- max veneer will be faster to fit because of the reduced preparation needed on the tooth to be treated. Some require absolutely no preparation.

Emax veneers are often quicker to assess and apply because of the reduced prep time on the original teeth, with some procedures often requiring no preparation at all! Some other types of veneer fitting involve grinding the tooth down to make a platform for veneer to be fitted to, with the roughened surface allowing for stronger adhesion. Emax accomplishes this without the need for any of this type of damage to the tooth which means it not only a procedure times reduced but that if you ever wish to have the veneers removed your natural tooth will be intact.

The Lumineer

This is a fairly unique kind of veneer but one that also does not need the same amount of preparation to the surface of the tooth as that required for a traditional veneer. This is because they are very thin and will bond fast onto the tooth surface. Having Lumineers fitted in Turkey is a fast and excellent way of giving you a very even toothed smile and a natural look.

Zirconium veneers

The zirconium veneer is a very popular treatment in our clinics in Turkey. They have the ability 2 change the colour of the teeth as well as correcting their shape and size.  It also represents a very fast way to achieve a great looking smile. Zirconia offers patients are great show that produces superb results, that is transparent and has no metal content. Teeth will be very natural looking with zirconium veneers. It is also an excellent choice for anyone with sensitivity or allergy to metal.

The No-Prep Veneers process:

The steps to no-prep veneers:

  • First, examination of your teeth will be carried out to make sure they can take a veneer
  • Impressions will be taken of your teeth
  • A light etching of your teeth might be carried out to enhance adhesion before the veneers is finally applied
  • Your no-prep veneers will be fixed to your teeth

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