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Wondering If it’s Worth the Cost? A to Z of Dental Tourism in Turkey

Wondering If it’s Worth the Cost? A to Z of Dental Tourism in Turkey
Oct 03, 2022

The surge in premiums on dental treatments in developed countries is driving many to look elsewhere for better treatments. The Future Market Insights data reveals that global dental tourism is likely to hit 6.7$ billion dollars in 2022, with the masses choosing Turkey as their preferred destination.

With Turkish health tourism gaining momentum, you might want to visit the Veneers Clinic in Turkey.

Why Visit the Veneers Clinic in Turkey for Dental Treatments?

Technological advancements in the last few years in dentistry and rapid adoption of developing technologies have pushed Turkey’s dentistry field to the forefront worldwide. A country of tourism, Turkey invests in a myriad of advanced technologies, trained dentists, offering price benefits in treatments.

From aesthetic dental fillings, implants, whitening treatments, smile aesthetics, veneers to dental prostheses, you have all under one place. What’s more? A majority of patients felt in ease with their treatments in Turkey. Recent studies confirm the same.

Low-Cost Dental Treatments in Turkey

There is no denying that patients are struggling to obtain affordable care in developed countries. Besides that, there has been a surge in dental insurance premiums, making it harder for average income earners to pay for cosmetic procedures.

In such a scenario, you could use some leeway. How? By traveling to Turkey and having smile makeovers, for example, without breaking the bank. Cost is not the only attraction here. They have the highest standards of dental care in Turkey, which is a cherry on the top.

Price Comparison between the UK and Turkey Dental Treatments

Patients from Western countries can save a substantial amount of money in dental treatments. Take Turkey dental clinics for example. They often offer free initial consultations. This is not the case with most clinics, however.

In Ireland, gum disease treatment costs over 6,000 Euros. However, in Turkey, it would cost you a third of the price cost in Ireland.

Cosmetic dental procedures including laser whitening or polishing costs a thousand Euros in the UK. In contrast, it only costs about 300 Euros in Turkey for the same procedures.

Dental implants often cost more than $20,000 in the UK or Canada. However, if you are off to Turkey, the whole treatment would be covered within 800 Euros.

Why Turkey Dental Treatments Cost Less Than Others?

The low-cost dental treatments in some countries may come as a surprise to you. And it is quite normal to feel that way. Healthcare costs are significantly low in poorer countries so that local populace can afford healthcare services.

However, being part of the European Union, how come dental treatments in Turkey are less costly than the other countries? It is because the lower trading lira in Turkey that allows patients with dollar values to capitalize on smaller fees.

On top of that, Turkey invests heavily in professional dentists, advanced technologies to ensure unparalleled results. Lower prices don’t mean that Turkey offer low-quality dental care. The standards of Turkey’s dental treatments are on par with the European laws. Private facilities in Turkey don’t only charge local prices but you will also be left awestruck by the world-class facilities, equipment and other amenities.

Turkey Dental Tourism: is It Worth the Cost?

The dental treatments costs might be low in overseas countries. However, if you are considering traveling in another country for dental treatments, airfare, accommodation and other charges add to it. So, you might wonder, ‘Is traveling abroad worth the cost?’

Being an increasingly popular tourism industry, Turkey is home to cheap accommodation options. Airfare is also way cheaper than other European countries.

Some private clinics in Turkey also provide patients with free accommodations options. So, what’s better way to save money on dental treatments than this?

Why Not Plan a Vacation While You Are in Turkey?

Dental tourists often work out a vacation plan while having a procedure done in Turkey. Maybe you are here to get an implant. That does not mean that you can’t take a tour around the country and indulge yourself in the beauty of it.

Tourists from all over the globe flock in to sightsee the historic locations, enjoy the Mediterranean beaches and pearl-white sands. So, if you don’t mind exploring the nook and cranny of the place while undergoing a dental treatment, by all means, go for it.

Turkey Offers All Kinds of Dental Treatments

The list of dental treatments in Turkey seems to be never-ending. You can get almost any type of treatment you want. Tooth extraction, smile restoration, dental implants, veneers, dental bridges, teeth whitening, you name it.

Whether you are struggling with missing teeth, want to make adjustments to the gap between your teeth, restore your smile, or anything related to dentistry, you are covered with all sorts of dental treatments in Turkey.

How Far Do You Want to Go? Know the Risks First

Dental tourism may seem a win-win solution. You get the best of both worlds. You get to avail the best possible care (thanks to the latest technologies used) at a lesser cost, while enjoying that much-needed vacation in Turkey.

However, you need to be extra safe before traveling abroad for dental treatments. Understanding the risks beforehand can help reduce the odds of things getting out of control. Say you have some health condition like asthma, and are considering traveling abroad for dental treatments. The chances of an attack during air travel cannot be completely ruled out. Also, asthma can make your dental procedures complicated. So, it’s important to make sure that you consult with your doctor first.

It's worth doing the legwork before setting yourself up for a journey overseas. Know how the health system works in the country you are targeting. Research well before you visits the Veneers Clinic Turkey, especially the ones you are interested in.

While opting for dental tourism is a logical thing to do, getting trapped in the rabbit hole in search for the lowest price is not a smart way to go about it.