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The Ultimate Comparison Guide to Getting Veneers in Turkey versus the UK

The Ultimate Comparison Guide to Getting Veneers in Turkey versus the UK
Oct 10, 2022

They say smile is the beauty of the soul – and it seems the Hollywood takes the saying pretty seriously. With our favourite celebrities undergoing major teeth transformations lately, you might want to give it a shot too.

Are you ready to give your teeth the veneers treatment? Maybe you are thinking to visit the Veneers Clinic in Turkey to get those perfect set of pearly whites. The thing is - you can’t afford the treatment going wrong. The choice of the clinic can make or break your smile transformation journey. So, choosing the right place to get the procedure done is a must.

Let’s craft a comparison list between the UK and Turkey to help you make the best decision.

Veneers in Turkey

What better place than Turkey to fulfill your cosmetic treatment needs? The country has become the most popular hub for dental tourism, especially for people in the UK. This happened mostly due to the affordability of the dental treatments in Turkey.

Since veneers are mostly for aesthetics purposes, insurance companies don’t cover them. As a result, more and more people started looking for options elsewhere. The irresistible deals are making people from the UK turn to the best-in-class clinics in Turkey.

Veneers in the UK

If you are in the UK already, you know how expensive healthcare treatments are there. This is not an exception for veneers. Also, veneers are only available on the NHS only if there is a clinical need for them. So, that’s a bummer for those willing to enhance their face aesthetics.

If that gorgeous smile tickles your fancy, and you can’t seem to get it in the UK, don’t lose hope yet. Fly off to Turkey to have the best cosmetic dentistry experience.

Veneers Clinics in Turkey 

With the country becoming a popular dental tourism destination, the healthcare standards are pretty high in Turkey clinics. Being internationally accredited clinics, they feature state-of-the-art equipment, latest technologies & tools, dentists from world’s top universities and whatnot.

Modern Turkish clinics abide by the standard European protocols to meet the needs of the government. Many even offer luxury services to make patients feel comfortable while receiving a treatment.

When you have everything under one place, why go elsewhere? And if you are wondering these facilities are going to make you break the bank, you are wrong. The price of the dental treatments will come as a surprise to you. It’s way too affordable. 

Veneers Clinics in the UK

No doubt, the UK is known for its high quality medical & dental care. So, it’s not an exaggeration to say that you would receive world’s best dental care in the UK. Unlike Turkey, UK clinics are limited in terms of providing dental care.

Also, you will have to pay extra for services related to veneers treatment. However, in Turkey, the veneers treatments are all-inclusive, meaning you don’t have to pay extra for an x-ray imaging or in-person consultation, for example, before undergoing the veneers treatment.

Pros of Getting Veneers in Turkey

Undergoing a cosmetic treatment in Turkey has its shares of perks. And affordability is not the only advantage here. You are going to experience the best cosmetic transformation journey in Turkish clinics. Let’s walk you through the list of benefits you can reap in Turkey:

  • World-class standards
  • Luxurious treatments
  • Best-in-class equipment
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Licensed dentists from top universities
  • Free transportation between your hotel and clinic
  • Free accommodation
  • Vacationing
  • Hygiene protocols are met
  • Guarantee of your treatment

It seems a golden, life-changing opportunity awaits you in Turkey. No doubt, you will return home with a set of stain-free, natural looking, and all aligned teeth. Already feeling excited? Just pack the bags and visit the Veneers Clinic Turkey as soon as possible.

Pros of Getting Veneers in the UK

Truth be told, not all UK clinics offer affordable, friendly dental treatments. This is why people from the UK flock to Turkey in search for a better experience. While the standards of the treatments are excellent in the UK, there are various limitations.

Since the highest standards are followed in the UK clinics, the cost of treatments is pretty much on the higher side. While it is a good thing for those looking for the best dental care, it turns out, those who search for affordable deals are not quite happy with what they get in the UK clinics.

Dentists in Turkey

You can’t go wrong with your dental treatment. And dentists play a crucial role in ensuring the procedure is successful. In turkey, dentists have a strong educational background and expertise in their domain. Not only are they experienced but are also licensed to perform all sorts of dental treatments. Their performances are way better than dentists on the other side. 

Dentists in the UK

It takes skills and expertise to ensure a hundred percent success rate while undertaking a veneers treatment. While British dentists have what it takes to be successful in the job, Turkish dentists are better than them.

Final Words

The choice of getting veneers either in the UK or in Turkey depends on your personal preferences. Hopefully, you have found this comparison guide useful in making an informed decision. Please be sure to do your research before jumping to a conclusion.