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Welcome to Veneers Clinic Turkey

Veneers in Turkey - Pay Up to 80% less than UK

At Veneers Clinic Turkey, we provide you with world class dental veneer treatment in Istanbul, Turkey by paying up to 80% less than UK and Europe with no compromise on quality. You can undergo treatment with our experienced team who use the latest technology in dental procedures. By combining our professional team and quality materials, you get teeth veneers with a lifetime guarantee. Our staff are dedicated and friendly and will answer all your questions. We have already treated more than 1000+ dental patients throughout the world. By getting your veneers in Turkey from us, you will end up with a beautiful, healthy smile and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy exploring the archaeological and natural beauties of this ancient country

Do you want to have white teeth or remove the gaps in between your teeth? You can choose our Digital Smile Design with teeth veneers which are a suitable solution. With our latest equipment and technology and dental colour chart, you can have a great smile!.

About dental veneers

Teeth veneers or dental veneers are a cosmetic solution which can be applied to several tooth disorders that may negatively affect your appearance where a leaf or thin sheet of specially prepared porcelain will be attached to the front surface of a tooth for a great aesthetic result.

The procedure for dental veneers in Turkey

  • 1

    Dental veneers in Turkey usually require two to three sessions for diagnosis, preparation and fixing of the veneer. The dentist uses local anaesthesia to ensure that the procedure is not painful.

  • 2

    After this, your dentist will reduce the front surface of the teeth by shaving a small amount of the enamel off to give veneers a surface to stick to. Then, they will take a teeth sample and send it to the laboratory where it usually requires three days to prepare your veneers. The dentist will fit temporary teeth.

  • 3

    Once the teeth get ready, the technician cleans your teeth and applies the temporary veneers to check for fit. Then they will fix them on teeth with cement and use light rays to harden them.

  • 4

    The dentist will check and remove excess materials and will polish the teeth to complete the procedure. You will need to see a dentist after two days to check your dental veneers

Dental Veneers Treatment - Welcome to Veneers Clinic Turkey

After dental veneers procedure

Dental veneers require proper care and by brushing and flossing, you can continue to take care of your teeth.

The dentist will advise you to avoid certain foods and drinks such as – tea, coffee, and some solid foods to prevent cracking or discoloration .

At Veneers Clinic Turkey, we have skilled dentists who use advanced technologies to successfully perform different treatments.

Getting veneers in Turkey - Step by Step

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Get your free quotation

Our experienced team assesses the information provided to them and prepares customized treatment with a quotation, for you.

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Travel to Turkey

Our clinic is located in the centre of Istanbul. There are direct flights from most countries to Istanbul. We will search for the cheapest flights and email you the details once we know your travel dates. We also provide you with a list of hotels which are close to the clinic.

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Free VIP Transfer

We offer free transport from Istanbul International Airport to your hotel and provide free collection for your appointment, from the hotel to the clinic. After the appointment is over, we will return you to the hotel. This service is free in an up to 20 kilometres radius, for every appointment.

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Beginning treatment

We start with an X-ray & consultation session with the doctor and prepare customised plan to start treatment on the same day.

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Enjoy your dental holiday

Istanbul is located in the southwest part of Turkey, bordered by Mediterranean sea and Taurus Mountains. Apart from the beautiful beaches, comfortable hotel resorts and delicious food, the city has rich history dating all the way back to Roman Empire. We would like to invite you to experience the wonders of Turkey during your visit. Enjoy your holiday and get all dental treatments done at the same time.

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Veneer treatment options at Veneers Clinic Turkey

There are 5 different top quality dental veneer systems available at our clinic. Veneers are available in different types and materials that determine the longevity and procedure used for fitting the veneers.

Veneers Clinic Turkey’s Hollywood Smile Travel Package

Veneers Clinic Turkey offers the best services with attractive pricing to create a Hollywood Smile Travel Package for international patients. You can get amazing teeth and enjoying the beauty of wonderful Istanbul in Turkey at the same time!

Cheaper Veneers Treatment - Veneers Clinic Turkey

All-inclusive Package for international patients

  • Free Consultation
  • Free VIP Service of ‘meet and greet’ at the airport in Istanbul
  • Free transfer from hotel to clinic for international patients visiting Turkey for dental treatment
  • 4-Star Hotel Accommodation (With free breakfast)
  • Digital Smile Design
  • Free X-ray and Volumetric Tomography scans with ‘before and after’ treatment
  • Tartar Removal (if needed)
  • All Necessary Medicines
  • Free access of Internet
  • Friendly atmosphere with great coffee experience
  • Free ‘check-up’ service after the treatment is done
  • An English-speaking patient co-coordinator will be with you during the course of your  treatment and will assist with your holiday and travel related plans
All-inclusive Package in Turkey

Turn your treatment into a memorable trip to Turkey

We offer dental treatment and the opportunity to enjoy a holiday in Turkey. Travel to Turkey from all over the world and have your treatment at Veneers Clinic Turkey. Our experienced team uses the latest technology and equipment to successfully carry out quality dental treatment. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, visit archaeological sites, enjoy the nightlife, experience Turkish baths and scuba diving in the warm sea of Istanbul or visit amazing natural waterfalls, as you enjoy the weather and delicious Turkish cuisine.

What can you see in Istanbul?

Why choose us - Veneers Clinic Turkey

Istanbul is among the popular destinations for tourists to enjoy ancient history and memorable landscapes. The most visited sites are:

  • Galata Tower,
  • Walls of Constantinople,
  • Blue Mosque
  • Church of Santa Maria Draperies,
  • Hagia Sophia Mosque,
  • Bosphorus,
  • Sulaymaniyah Mosque,
  • Basilica of Sant’Antonio di Padova,
  • Seaside overlooking breath-taking Bosphorus,
  • Dolmabahçe Mosque,
  • Palace of Dolmabahçe,
  • Topkapi palace.
All-inclusive Package in Turkey

Cost of dental veneers in Turkey

The first question that people ask when considering getting veneers in Turkey is “How much do veneers cost in Turkey?” The cost of dental veneers treatment in Turkey will be up to 80% cheaper than in the UK.

For example, the cost of dental veneers in Turkey is £88 for each tooth while the price of veneers in the UK is £650 for each tooth. If you want to get further information about veneers cost in Turkey, then visit our prices page.

Comparison between Veneers Prices in Turkey Vs UK

Type of Veneer

Price Range in Turkey

£GBP (Per tooth)

Price Range in UK

£GBP (Per tooth)

Veneers Porcelain



Veneers Zirconium



Veneers Laminate (Ceramic)



Composite Veneers Laminate



All-inclusive Package in Turkey

Why are Veneers Cheaper in Turkey?

We realise that cost is not the only factor most people consider having treatment in Turkey. Most people also want to be sure that they will be in good hands and that the procedures will be safe and successful. We can promise excellent treatment when you come to Veneers Clinic Turkey. With the cost of treatment being so much lower than it is in the UK this is certainly a great bonus for those considering treatment in Turkey. There are several reasons that cost in Turkey are low which include:

  • Currency: The currency of Turkey offers a good exchange rate to the dollar, pound or Euro.  
  • Living costs:  Generally, Turkey's cost of living is a lot lower than the UK's and this fact will have an impact on the price you pay for your treatment. Labour costs are lower, materials and structures cost less, even with the most sophisticated technology.
  • Incentives: The government of Turkey has always recognised that there is a lot of potential in successful medical tourism and has therefore made a big effort to ensure that this sector offers quality treatment. This is how we are able to offer dentistry that does not compromise on quality or results. Various grants and incentives are available to those who can satisfy the criteria of excellence of the services they offer.
  • Competition:  supply and demand will always keep things competitive, so thanks to the numbers of patients looking for treatment in Turkey's first-class clinics, prices are pitched to attract custom.
  • Material costs:  in Turkey dentists can access the best quality materials and technologies lead to a much more competitive price than would be available in the UK.
Why choose us - Veneers Clinic Turkey

Reason to choose our clinic for veneers in Turkey

  • Highly experienced Turkish dentists
  • Dental veneer treatments are completely guaranteed
  • We follow European Standards for the procedures
  • We are trusted by 1000+ happy international patients
  • There are no hidden costs
  • You can save more than 80% on the same quality treatments than you would pay in the UK and Europe.

Booking procedure for veneers in Turkey

It is extremely easy to schedule an appointment for veneers, online consultation in Turkey. You can select a treatment plan via phone, WhatsApp, email or online form. You need to inform us about the treatment you want and your expectations and if you can send pictures, x-rays, tests, etc. we will get back to you with a customised treatment plan with all necessary details related to accommodation and costs, within 48 hours.

Veneers Turkey – Recent Google Reviews

rating star icon In choosing this clinic in Istanbul for my veneers, I did so because it was very affordable. The results have been amazing!

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rating star icon Very happy with the dental veneers I had done in Turkey.

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rating star iconBeing a little bit nervous to have my dental treatment done in Turkey I went but I need not have worried. The clinic was state the art and spotlessly clean and I am delighted with my veneers.

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rating star iconAfter a very long time of wanting veneers, at last I found a place with good reviews and in a great place, that was affordable. Had my treatment 6 months ago and still delighted.

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rating star iconAll the staff at this clinic were so welcoming and helpful. The clinic was very cutting edge and modern and I found the treatment very comfortable and the results really impressive.

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rating star iconThis clinic offers the best treatment in a clean modern and welcoming clinic. Very happy with my results and with the chance to see some of the sights at the same time.

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rating star iconThe idea of having a holiday package along with my veneers did appeal to me and I have to say I would recommend it to anyone.

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Our International Patients Video Reviews

Turkey veneers before and after picture

FAQs about veneers in Turkey

The cost of dental treatments in Turkey may be around 80% cheaper than the UK.

Due to this, it is widely regarded as the cheapest country for excellent cosmetic dental work.

The main reasons for our very affordable pricing are the lower costs involved in training dentists to meet the required standards. Also, the costs of running a business are generally lower than the UK allowing our Turkish dentists to pass the savings on to you.

No, the cost of dental veneers in Turkey won’t lead to any reduction to the quality of services and materials. The quality will be high while the price will be affordable. The medical devices, materials used and dental veneers are exactly the same as you will find in America, Canada, UK, Europe, etc.

We can provide you with reviews of patients to show you how happy our past patients are.

Our team will be more than happy to answer all your questions. We always help patients in choosing the path that best suits their requirements. 

Dentfix uses E-Max veneers which are the best in terms of quality, strength, materials, durability and are highly appreciated by our patients.  During the consultation session for dental veneers, we will discuss all details with you.

When visiting Turkey, you will find that most dental clinics provide All-Inclusive Packages. This way, you can plan your dental trip to Turkey and return home with your beautiful smile.

The Veneers package includes the following:

  • Veneers treatment
  • 5* Hotel Accommodation
  • Transportation hotel/clinic/airport
  • Proper assistance at all times
  • Personal translator/assistant

If you require further information about our latest offers, then visit our veneers Turkey packages page!

Yes! We are very confident about the quality of treatment that we offer and so we're also happy to offer a warranty for three years on your veneers. If there is any fracture in that time, with normal use, we will repair or replace a veneer without extra charge. Just return to the clinic and we will sort it out.

The entire procedure requires 3 to 5 days to go through all the steps and arrive at your new smile. At our dental centre in Istanbul, Veneers Clinic Turkey provides bespoke veneers service and free telephone consultation where you can speak with our experienced advisers to find the best option in Turkey. 

You can expect three appointments over five days at the dental clinic to complete veneers treatment.

Istanbul has two airports and these are – Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Göçen Airport. You can book your flight to either of the airports. Veneers Clinic Turkey provides transportation from both.